Our Mission

We believe our mission is much more than a statement.  It’s about how and why we do what we do.  It’s about having a quality standard that isn’t compromised.  It’s about having people who work well together, with each other and with our clients.  People who unabashedly strive to do their very best. Quality, integrity and safety mean something to us.  We set high standards and regularly raise the bar.


BEX is a commercial general contractor located at 2456 Palumbo Drive in Lexington, KY in a facility which we recently re-purposed just for our use.  The building has been used as an auto body shop and most recently as a business which sold agricultural and landscape supplies and equipment.  As we have done for many clients, we renovated the facility to suit our specific needs and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  We have been in business in Lexington since our founding in 1972.  R. A. Williams Construction, Inc. became the wholly owned subsidiary of BEX Construction, Inc. in 2010.  Same ownership, same history, same dedicated employees just a new and better way to serve our clients.  We realize that before we can help you with your business, we must have our own business in order.  A peek inside our firm will confirm that our employees are knowledgeable, dedicated and professional.  They come to work each day ready to face the challenges of an industry where obstacles are common but not insurmountable.  With creativity, experience and glue-like persistence, we build relationships as well as buildings.  It’s not just one thing, it’s everything – we do it “the right way, the first time”.

We disclose our financial information to Dun & Bradstreet so that when you look at us, you don’t just get a snapshot but rather a total overview of our management and financial performance.  Relationships, like well built buildings, need to have a strong foundation.  Ask us to tell you more about what we believe and how we’ve been able to do what we do so well for so long.

For more information about BEX, please contact Jeremy Roberts at